Oct 29, 2021 4:52:12 PM by Tina Miletich

To Metaverse or Not to Metaverse

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Meta for the metaverse. Ok Facebook (oops Meta), I get it, you have billions of eyeballs on Facebook, and you have a lot of wicked smart people working for you, and you have a ton of money. So you get to play in the metaverse -- good for you.

I think there are some out there wondering if there will be a metaverse, guess what there already is. I think the question that remains is who will be truly creating the metaverse and more importantly what will it actually be? Some say that Facebook already has a metaverse by allowing one sided information to roam freely and get boosted in their social site with the help of their algorithms keeping a one-sided argument winning over another valid point of view.

I won’t say that the metaverse isn’t going to happen – it’s happening. We cannot stop ourselves as humans to create and explore. I remember a CXO person, and I think I mentioned it before in a different blog post, a CXO from a multi-billion-dollar advertising agency in the early 90’s tell me the Internet was a fad that would go away as I was trying to convince them to start getting into it. I was basically told to not worry my pretty little head about it, it wasn’t important -- HA! Wonder where that person is now?

The question is not whether there is a metaverse or that fully immersive world won’t be realized – we do that already when we daydream and dream, for heaven’s sake I just heard my cat growling in her dream, GROWLING! Anyway, I digress, what matters is how Facebook is claiming ownership with the name of this metaverse. A brand is a powerful, powerful tool but I am not sure Facebook with all its money and smarts will be able to fully claim ownership over the metaverse. I am not so sure Meta will rise to the ranks of Kleenex. Good luck Facebook it will be fun to watch for those of us who are not you. 😊

My personal feeling is that those that will own the metaverse will be the best storytellers in the metaverse. Look for the best storyteller, the Shakespeare of the metaverse, and that will be King/Queen Meta.

Just some Friday afternoon musings. Have a great weekend All!

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