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Our Take On: The Upside of Moving Beyond Your Comfort Zone

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Our Take On: The Upside of Moving Beyond Your Comfort Zone - Welcoming Small Creative Feats into Your Marketing Approach

It happens all the time. We present a new and slightly different marketing approach to a client and are met with firm resistance. It is, of course, human nature to sometimes meet anything new and different with suspicion and fear. (After all, our stone age ancestors survived by staying alert to and avoiding anything new in their environments.) But unless you are able to move beyond that basic response and take a leap of faith, you could miss a golden opportunity to dramatically expand your presence.

Think Small and Gain a Bigger Footprint

When you feel fear of a new approach take over, it helps to remember this important fact: in the overcrowded digital universe posts have an incredibly short lifespan. In fact, a tweet is considered alive and viable for all of 15 minutes, if even that. That means you must be constantly adding to your marketing repertoire to retain current customers, while also reaching out to new and different audiences.

That move to attract new audiences doesn’t always require a huge leap away from familiar territory. If planned well, a micro-campaign (or ongoing series of micro-campaigns) limited in scope, timespan and expenditure can prove extremely effective. For example, a media client wanted to drive digital traffic to a new podcast hosted by two of their media personalities. So we suggested a one-day micro-campaign where the podcast's hosts went on a live Instagram & Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) and the approach was a huge success.  It resulted in a massive increase of podcast views and subscribers. No only did their original fan base attend the AMA making it a lively event but there were many others that knew the hosts but didn't know about the podcast that attended too. And, there were even net new eyeballs for the hosts and their podcast that attended the AMA.

Measuring the Goodness of Micro-campaigning

As the example above illustrates, results matter in any campaign. For instance, tracking such indicators as increases in views and subscribers in this case was crucial to effort of putting on a one-day live event on two platforms.

In fact, there is a ton of benefit to micro-campaigning because your fear factor of leaping into doing something new and different is on a much smaller scale and when planned effectively it has:

  • Limited Risk
  • Limited Expenditure, but
  • Unlimited Success!

The bottom line: Instituting a consistent flow of innovative micro-campaigns can result in the exposure your brand and product line deserve and let's face it, get you the results you are craving...

Up Next: The Importance of Marketing in a Down Market. Why it’s critical to continue in your marketing groove when the economy dips. If you don’t, you’ll be spending a lot more precious dollars to engage with new customers and re-engage with those who wandered away.

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