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Marketing Rules that Guide a Great Agency

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There’s a big difference between a mediocre agency and a great agency: A great marketing agency will deliver much better results. But those results don’t happen accidentally. A great agency follows strict marketing rules as well as a stringent moral compass to deliver excellent results consistently.

Here are the rules they stick to:

1. Listen to what the metrics say.

A great marketing agency carefully tracks metrics to gauge the success of each facet of a new campaign. This requires mapping out the most important KPIs before actions are taken—not after. Starting at the very beginning will give you richer data throughout the process. And, let me share a little secret with you. It’s not 1000 KPIs, it’s a few that latter up to the macro goal for the business.

Similarly, a great agency keeps a close eye on financial spend. If a social ad isn’t performing well, a smart agency will tweak it instead of letting all the money on that campaign run out.


Following metrics closely requires a great agency to have the tools necessary to track the numbers or at least understand how to take advantage of all the built-in tools accompanying the distribution mechanisms in the market. Marketers need to have a clear understanding of how these tools work and more importantly what the stats mean for the latest campaign.

2. Keep up with the latest trends.

Only two decades ago, advertisements were almost entirely physical or on TV. Thanks to the internet, marketing efforts have transformed—and continue to do so every single day. Because of these rapid evolutions in strategic possibilities, a great marketing agency will suggest the best options based on the latest developments.

Skilled marketers will also watch how each marketing tool evolves over time. For example, Google is constantly tinkering with its SEO formulas. As an example, a great marketing agency keeps up with the latest news from Google to ensure all content is properly optimized. Run if your marketing agency doesn’t know what SEO means for your business. It’s quite rare that any brand on the Internet these days isn’t deriving most of its traffic through Google somehow.

3. Never make assumptions.

Effective marketing efforts leave nothing to chance. Crafting a successful campaign requires preliminary research on many aspects, but especially on the target customer. Great marketers are also great investigators; they dig through data to make informed decisions on how a campaign should be conducted.

Because expert marketers carefully make every decision, their actions are more effective.

4. Know the customer inside and out.

As we said, a great marketing agency understands each business’s customers. Without understanding the customer, it’s very difficult to create effective marketing materials to attract their attention. This also requires knowing where the customers can be reached. For example, pouring all of your money into YouTube videos is futile if your target audience rarely visits YouTube.

Great marketers will review customer data to look for important information like age, gender, location, occupation, and interests in order to promote services or products in a way that rings with the target demographic.

What else do you think makes a great agency? Do you have any thoughts or suggestions you would like to share? We are always learning and that’s another sign, IMHO of a great agency, they are always learning with intense curiosity. 

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