Jan 8, 2017 4:26:48 PM by Tina Miletich

Keeping Demand Generation Going

Demand Management, Marketing Automation, Digital Strategy, Demand Generation

 It’s not enough just to begin the process of demand generation. You have to be able to sustain it over time. That means it has to become a part of your organizational DNA. To be sure that’s what happens, everyone in your company needs to understand that you are no longer just a software manufacturer or insurance company, you are also a modern marketing organization—in every corner of your business.


The place to begin this kind of radical transformation is at the very top of an organization. Everyone in your C-suite needs to be committed to driving your marketing machine forward and keeping it fueled with constant support.

Then, moving through the organization, every employee needs a rock-solid understanding of just how important it is to keep the sales cycle nurtured and healthy with growing brand awareness and constant demand generation. In time, a brand awareness/demand generation cycle should begin to perpetuate itself, but constant vigilance is necessary to be sure your program doesn’t go off-track, creating just the opening your competition needs to surge ahead of you in the marketplace. You and your modern-marketing guide will work together to be sure your brand awareness plan stays on-track well into the future.

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