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Our Take On: It's Not (Always) About the Likes

Our Take On: It's Not Always About the Likes

Yesterday I read an article that my boss sent over to our team that in turn, inspired me to write this blog!

It's something I have always thought in the back of my mind but never really said out loud because it may be deemed as a tad “controversial” and different from what clients wholeheartedly believe.

In summary, the article talks about how LinkedIn has been changing its algorithm. 

“Instead of merely counting likes, shares, or comments, LinkedIn is placing substantial weight on the quality of your interactions. Encouraging in-depth discussions on your posts can significantly improve engagement and visibility. It is our opinion that LinkedIn is trying its hardest to be viewed differently to other social media platforms that have a strong emphasis on going viral and gaining followers.” - Luke Horsfall, Author of LinkedIn’s Algorithm Changes - Do You Need To Adapt Your B2B Social Strategy?


Oftentimes clients and let's be real, us as humans, get overpowered by this sense to chase likes and not focus on the quality and intent of the content itself. For the last couple of years, and especially in 2023, everyone from brands to individuals wants to go viral. I mean, yes, of course, there are benefits to going viral like the potential to increase your bottom line due to an increase in brand awareness, media picking you and your brand up, and things like that. Given the option, if someone said my client's next social media post had the option to go viral, of course, I would say h*&^ yeah! 

But what about meaningful interactions? I would rather have 5 people engage in a meaningful discussion, ask questions, and tag their friends because they know they would be interested in a post/video than have 20 people simply click a button that gives me a like. 

I mean seriously, what does that even mean? A like? I mean, yes, I obviously know what it literally means, but what does that mean for you or your brand? How many brands out there have purchased followers to increase the like count on their posts? I do not have an exact number, but I am sure there are quite a few. Also, think of this…

I have my personal IG account, and I recently created one where I post food pictures so I can save some of my phone storage. I actually got caught up in my own demise and noticed one of my pictures did not have that many likes vs. some of my other food pictures. So what did I do? I switched to my personal account and liked my own photo! How embarrassing! I am committing the first social media sin aka liking your own post. But it’s because for a second, I forgot what I preached - that it is not just about the likes. I know I cannot be the only person to ever do that, so what about the big brands who are doing that, but on a way bigger scale than me liking my own food post. 

Social platforms like Instagram and TikTok have made it more about likes, because the more people like your content, the more the algorithm will push it out to a larger audience. But what about posts that have fewer likes, but are inspiring a conversation below in the comments? Where is the push for those to go “viral”? There may only be 10 likes vs. 500, but there is valuable engagement going on in terms of a conversation, and those are the people who are likely going to continue to engage with your brand and do things like purchase your product, refer a friend to your service, explore your website, sign up for your email blasts. 

So thank you, LinkedIn! Thank you for helping people (hopefully) remember that social media is about connecting with people and not just chasing likes.

To read the full article that sparked my interest in this blog, click below!

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