Jan 8, 2017 4:19:42 PM by Tina Miletich

Effectively Integrating Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation, MAP, Digital Transformation

 As you begin to look at integrating marketing automation into your organization, it’s important to understand just how, when and where to begin the process. The people in your organization need to be prepared for this massive change in mindset from traditional, disjointed marketing techniques to a new, integrated program of marketing that includes marketing automation at its very center.


The key to successful introduction of this new way of doing business is communication. Be sure you are constantly updating your Marketing and Sales staff about changes being made and letting them know how their roles will change (hopefully for the better). As in any period of change, some preparation is necessary before your business can truly change its personality. Keep in mind that it’s all about communication and that an expert guide can help you successfully plan your trip into the new territory.

Of course, short-term success employing marketing automation and integrating it into your marketing regimen is not enough. You need a plan for long-term success in the ever-changing marketplace. That, of course, means being ready, willing and able to stay ahead of the curve and constantly building an organization dedicated to change and improvement.

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