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Our Take On: Brand Building for Non-Profits…

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Consistent Messaging Brings Donors into the Fold…and Keeps them There

On the surface, it would appear that the non-profit world is light years away from the for-profit universe. After all, its very designation declares that its members are not governed by a profit motive.

But in one very fundamental way not-for-profits are closely related to their for-profit cousins. They need to employ consistent and effective brand-building across the digital universe to bring in the dollars that will allow them to succeed in their missions. And, also like for-profits, they are currently faced with a tightening money supply, thanks to inflation and rising interest rates. That makes it critical to reach potential donors wherever they are online.

Who Are You Really?

The first step in brand-building is to be sure you have a very clear and distinct idea of your mission. In the same way that for-profit marketers need to clearly define the appeal of their brand, a non-profit needs to develop a mission statement that sets it apart from other organizations and rings true to the donors who will provide a consistent flow of capital to fund its work. Remember, like a for-profit, you are competing for the dollars of your target audience. So, just like a for-profit, you should lead donors down the purchase trail, inevitably convincing them to open their wallets.

As you chart the path down the purchase trail, your signposts along the way should appeal emotionally and psychologically, while at the same time demonstrating value for donors’ dollars. For example, consider using a statement like “With just $100 we are able to feed 50 children. Is there any better way to put your donation dollars to work?” It’s critical to break through donors’ purchase resistance by making them feel good about contributing on an ongoing basis.

Reaching Out to Every Corner of the Digital Landscape

Once you have a clear and effective definition of mission, conduct audits of both the social media space and your organization’s site to determine where to find your likely donors. (A digital marketing specialist can help with this step.) Then saturate these likely locales with consistent messaging. It’s absolutely vital to remain consistent in every iteration of your mission. It’s also critical to make it effortless for donors to contribute by always providing links to a simple and intuitive donations page.

In the end, on-target and consistent messaging in the right corners of the digital world will result in a wealth of loyal donors making it possible for you to continue your important work.

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